Action and Process Oriented

FLAG is an action oriented system with an embedded workflow engine that supports the company's HSEQ procedures/processes (workflows).

The workflow engine executes workflows and routes action requests to users according to the actual procedure. Workflows are started automatically on events and/or by users. Events like incidents and non conformance reports can automatically start workflows. Actions are assigned to job role(s) or person(s).

Personnel are given assignments with the company's job role(s). The job roles gives the person permissions and directs action requests to persons based on these assignments. When a person is assigned to a new role, his or her action list is automatically updated accordingly.

FLAG keeps tracks of all actions in the system and provides an overview for follow up purposes, both individually and by job role.

FLAG monitors the workflow progress, updates information and sends workitems and notifications (by e-mail and/or SMS) to relevant users as defined in the procedure.